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Fuad Al-Hashem is what we call in America a late father. He was scared to death to get married but once he met a certain Lebanese woman he managed to overcome his fear and settle down to marital bliss. As a result of the union, he is the doting father of Farah, a two-year-old baby daughter. It was due to this great love of his daughter that Fuad fled through the desert to Saudi Arabia and safety. 

Before the invasion, Fuad made his living as a journalist who wrote political articles for a Kuwaiti newspaper. At least that is what he did in the mornings. After lunch, he would go to his toy store which he managed in a Disneyland- type park in Kuwait. 

A political writer, Fuad became concerned earlier in the summer when Iraqi newspapers, on the orders of Saddam Hussein, suddenly began their harsh verbal bashing of Kuwait. He followed the Iraqi papers closely, feeling they were part of the emotional build-up designed to arouse the anger of the Iraqi people. After all the talk about oil and money along with the Iraqi troop movements, Fuad thought that there was going to be a "little invasion" resulting in loss of land and an oil field or two. Never in his wildest dreams did he suspect he was in danger of losing his country. 

On the morning of the invasion, Fuad woke up at 7:30 and turned on his television to listen to the FM music. He stood in a stupor when he saw a sign on the screen that said "Long Live the Kuwaiti Revolution!" It took him about two minutes to force his body to move. Another shock followed as an Iraqi screamed on the air that there was a Kuwaiti revolution and asked people to come and help. At this, Fuad went into high gear, threw on his clothes without showering or shaving, and jumped in his car, driving away without even waking his wife. He saw Iraqi troops by the thousands swarming all over Kuwait City. His first reaction was, Kuwait is finished and now I have to deal with these Iraqis! By this time he heard bombing and shooting and thought he'd go home and put on Western clothes, as a safety precaution.


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