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For nearly twelve years I made my home in the Middle East.  During this time I had made many friends in the area, and the recurring violence there had never failed to pain me, for I knew firsthand the fate of the innocent people caught up in the explosive passions that plague the region.  In June and July 1990, I watched with mounting dread as Iraq and Kuwait exchanged verbal insults.  I was fearful that the insults might evolve into full-scale war, for there were simply too many unresolved ambitions, and too many instruments of death available in the area.  I knew that too many Middle Eastern countries were seething with tanks, missiles and other military hardware.

On the night of August 1, 1990, I settled in to watch one of my favorite television shows, “Nightline,” and I was horrified to hear Ted Koppel announce the breaking story that Iraqi troops had invaded Kuwait and were racing toward Kuwait City.

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Faud Al-Hashem 

Nadia Al-Hosney 

In the days that followed, I was so gripped by the unfolding drama that I found I was unable to concentrate on a half-completed manuscript on the Middle East.  I felt sorrow for the citizens of Kuwait as I watched the ensuing news stories of the invasion.  Always an adventurer, and still in possession of a resident’s visa for Saudi Arabia, I decided to travel to the area and to personally witness the unfolding events.  Within a few days I was on my way to meet with Kuwaiti refugees.   I traveled to London, Cairo, Riyadh and Taif.  In each city I met and interviewed various Kuwaitis, from housewives, to journalists, to members of the royal family, all who had escaped their country.

The book, The Rape of Kuwait,  

is their story.

A Brief History of Kuwait


Jean Sasson in Saudi Arabia holding Kuwaiti refugee baby

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