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1993 Press Release from Avon Books on the paperback edition of

Princess:  A True Story of Life Behind

the Veil in Saudi Arabia

August, 1993 

Beginning with the Gulf War, and continuing with the World Trade Center Bombing and the rising concern over Muslim Fundamentalism, recent events in the Mideast and within the Arab community have captivated the attention of the West.  Americans in particular have been forced to take a closer look at a culture and civilization which, for decades –even centuries –they have more or less ignored. 

Jean Sasson offers a very personal introduction into the more private aspects of Saudi American life in her latest bestseller, PRINCESS (September 1993; $5.50 US$6.50 Canada), now in paperback from Avon Books.  Her real-life “heroine” is wealthy beyond belief:  four mansions on three continents, her own private jet, a priceless collection of gold and jewelry; yet she is treated as a slave by her husband and forced to cover her body from head to toe in the customary black “abbaya.”  She is the Saudi Arabia royal princess upon whom Sasson based her work.

 “Sultana,” whose real name cannot be used for fear of death for revealing these secrets to the West, urged Sasson, her longtime American friend, bestselling author of THE RAPE OF KUWAIT, to write about her life.  Together they have finally lifted the black veil of secrecy that hides women in this fabulous wealthy land where young women are drowned or stoned to death for a mere indiscretion; where women cannot travel without their’ husband’s permission; where men rule as gods and the birth of a female goes unrecorded.

 Jean spent twelve years in Saudi Arabia observing first-hand the hardships faced by the women.  She recorded Sultana’s life with the help of secret dairies kept by Sultana since childhood and hours of clandestine conversations.

 The result is shocking and fascinating.  Please take a look at the enclosed materials, including the tour schedule.  I urge you to interview Jean when she comes to your city so that American men and women can understand the chains that bind these Arab women to a feudal system that is a violation is international human rights….

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